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And I’m really weird. Ps NHL sucks hockey sucks

I love poo

I wish I could be more like Karen….she’s just such a great person in every way! She’s just the best she should get an award or something. I’m the lamest person ever… Fml :(( from Ardan
Ardan Hennessy said this!
Hahahaha Deadly!!!

Hahahaha Deadly!!!

Very funny video!! When I watch this I can’t stop laughing!!

Today in Ireland it is a scorching 12c…… We didn’t really get a summer did we? 

Early sunrise @ the plant (Taken with instagram)

Early sunrise @ the plant (Taken with instagram)

I hate you passport lady

First I want to say that this does not apply to all public servants in Ireland BUT only one in particular….
I just got off the phone to a lady in the passport office. (who wouldn’t give me her name) she was by far the least amount of help you could be on the phone. Trying to rush me off the phone and give me a ridiculous run around and spoke so quickly I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She was rude and spoke down to me.
If I find out who you are your job is mine

Which do you prefer blondes or brunettes?


You gotta get a lil dirty when you’re diggin’ for gold
Nickelback-Shaking Hands